Our Very First BLOG!!!!!!!!


…what it isn’t:

I’ve never started a blog before.  I’ve posted in many, but mostly through the activities of my “day job” as a doctor.  For several years I wrote a weekly blog for Walgreens on various topics they requested.  I wrote mostly about my areas of specialty, which include obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine and genetics.  When I agreed to participate in those blogs, I entered into territory that had already been “charted”.  The folks at Walgreens told me what they wanted and set up the basics and framework for me to do it.  All I had to do was write about what I knew in a way that non-medical folks could understand it, and then  hit “post”.  Almost instantly, I put my words up into “the cloud” for anyone who wanted to read them.  We intend to make this blog about Crested Hen Farms and special events  different in several ways.

…and what we hope it becomes:

First of all, Frank and I own this website (and blog).  So, no one can tell us what we have to write about or what we shouldn’t write about.  Second, we can take this in any direction we want (hopefully with a little guidance from you and where you want to go).   We will make the primary focus be the weddings and other special events that are held here.  But, some days I may write about childhood memories of growing up on my grandmother’s farm in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Other days, Frank may write about being born in New York City, living there for over 40 years and then moving upstate to pursue his dream of living at Crested Hen Farms full time.

Also, we ask our clients to post questions about the special event/wedding process.  We invite anyone who wants to share their advice to feel free to do so.  Tell us about your experiences with Crested Hen Farms and the special events you held here.   Even share a photo or two!  I plan to post notes about interesting trends in the wedding/special event industry.  I will also give information about how to get things done for a special event, including hiring vendors, wedding planners, and securing a venue.  Our hope is to make this blog into a “clearinghouse” of information for those planning a wedding or other special event in the Hudson Valley, or, even better, anywhere!

As much as I love writing, I still have a “day job” and can’t write for this blog daily.  But, either Frank or I plan to post new blogs 3-4 times per week.  So stay tuned and come join the ride…